Water Adventures

Jack’s Bay is the quintessential launchpad to the sapphire waters of the Bahamas. Our expert water sports team is dedicated to meeting your quest for invigorating adventure while providing unrivaled entertainment through legendary storytelling that perfectly captures Eleuthera’s local lore.



Paddle Boarding

Experience the rich reward of gliding through the tides, creating an unmatched bond with the sea from the vantage point of your standup paddleboard, where a new adventure awaits around every bend.

Sea Kayaking

Few things provide an entrée into nature, like paddling Eleuthera in a clear-bottom kayak. Absorb the extraordinary wonders of marine life while reveling in the beauty of the undisturbed vegetation that accentuates the shoreline.


Few things rival the rush of seeing life through the eyes of the sea creatures, and nothing allows you to pay homage to the bounty of the ocean like snorkeling with the loggerheads at Jack’s Bay.

Scuba Diving

Life above the water line is only half of the island experience, and an entirely new dimension of enjoyment is experienced as you float among the coral reef and embrace the ecosystem of these magnificent blue depths.

Fly Fishing

Nothing captures the exhilarating authenticity of this magical place like the fly fishing in these crystal waters. Whether expert or beginner, the respect you’ll earn battling the elusive bonefish will offer an unmatched high that will leave you yearning for more.

Deep-Sea Fishing

The adrenaline explosion of a fish on is only matched by the sheer delight some sixty minutes later when the magnificent creature that so effortlessly inhabits the depths is momentarily beside you in the boat—creating a sense of accomplishment and gratification only delivered by this insanely enjoyable pastime.

Your Opportunity Awaits