Land Adventures

Eleuthera is derived from the Greek word for freedom, and nowhere else can you escape to a rich culture, fascinating history, and showstopping landscape like this remarkable Bahamian masterpiece, where you’ll uncover a new treasure with every trail you blaze.



ATV Rides

Venturing into the boundless beauty of Eleuthera behind the handlebars of an ATV triggers a sense of unfettered freedom that few experiences can rival. Immerse yourself in the culture, history, and unrivaled beauty of this remarkable island without constraints with 4-wheeler forays that will ignite your spirit.


Balancing a life replete with high-energy adventures, beachcombing at Jack’s Bay will reset your soul. Discover the limitless treasures Eleuthera’s beaches are known for, from Baby’s Ears and Scotch Bonnets to Conks and Arks—your shelling expeditions will never leave you wanting.


From exploring the depths of Preacher’s Cave to quietly examining the intricate mangrove forests of South Eleuthera, hiking here offers biological diversity and unmatched beauty make hiking from Jack’s Bay the most worthwhile of diversions.

Wildlife Safaris

From observing the sea turtles to discovering a seahorse preserve, nowhere on earth can you experience more unique and extraordinary wildlife excursions than right here on Eleuthera.

Cave Exploration

The placid tranquility of these archeological marvels captures the imagination in this fantastic world of ecotourism. The caves’ distinctive combination of a saltwater ecosystem enveloped in reduced gravitational forces generates an extraordinary incubator of life forms found nowhere else, compelling you to explore them time and time again.

Star Gazing

Its southern bearing and close proximity to the Tropic of Cancer make Eleuthera the perfect place to identify breathtaking constellations. From Aquarius to Pisces and Jupiter to Uranus, download your favorite astronomy app and lose yourself in unhindered stargazing at Jack’s Bay.


If the unspoiled beauty of the Island is what first brought you to Jack’s Bay, the Out Islands will make your home here complete. From exploring hidden trails and vibrant reefs to unforgettable picnics on private beaches, excursions to the Out Islands are a must.

Your Opportunity Awaits