Hidden Gems

Blue Holes are among the earth’s most fascinating phenomena, and there are several throughout Jack’s Bay. Add Eleuthera’s caves and Mystery Lake, and you’ll find yourself in a world of discoveries and uncommon natural beauty.



Ocean Hole

Like the blue holes inside Jack’s Bay, Ocean Hole is a lake filled with seawater and sea- life. Tourists from around the globe bathe in this treasured water, known for its warm temperature that many is therapeutic and healing.

Cathedral Cave

Just off Queens Highway, a short trail from Ocean Hole leads to this beautiful cave, easily accessed by stairs. Inside, you’ll find the beautiful webs covering the ceiling of the cave, along with living stalactites and stalagmites, making Cathedral Cave a prehistoric marvel you don’t want to miss.

Boiling Hole

Boiling Hole is a clear lake fed by Armbrister Creek. At low tide, water rushing from the cavernous geology beneath the roadway bubbles on the surface, and at high tide, the water filling the cavern creates a beautiful whirlpool. A natural blue lagoon was the genesis of explorations that confirmed an underground connection to Grand Bahama, and it’s reported that this is must-see wonder was the only Bahamian site explored by Jacques Cousteau.

Glass Window Bridge

You haven’t experienced Eleuthera until you’ve encountered the spectacular scene from the Glass Window Bridge. It is a rare place where, from a strip of land only 30-feet wide, you can see the turquoise Atlantic waters on one side and the placid Bight of Eleuthera (often called the Caribbean Sea) on the other. This is one bridge you simply must cross.

Queen’s Baths

A cluster of natural hot pools on the Atlantic side of the Eleuthera, the Queen’s Baths are less than a mile from the Glass Window Bridge. Warmed by the sun, the clear ocean tidal pools create a wonderful version of nature’s thermal spas that soothe the soul.

Leon Levy Plant Reserve

This nature preserve is the first national park on Eleuthera, providing environmental education with a wide array of breathtaking plants and trees. Managed by the Bahamas National Trust and graciously provided by the Leon Levy Foundation is located in Governor’s Harbour.

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